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March 2, 2010
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Halo: Paths taken by Renoun-Strife Halo: Paths taken by Renoun-Strife
Characters who still have a recognizably Halo form.
Excluding Jonathan.
Cuz I fergots XP.

Crim 'Royalee By the decree of the angels, I shall paint with your blood!
based on my avatar for Halo's multiplayer. Crim went unstable after several training "incidents" concerning his unkle. He had a hallucination at one point that lead him to murder said unkle. Twas written off as Crim protecting his honor, and has since risen to his current position.
Has a tendency to paint [with or without blood] after particularily "good" battles and has the tendency to declare his actions the will of the angels sent by the forerunners.
His armor isn't red cuz I HATE red except in small doses. And white w/ red and gold accents are his scheme anyway. Oh, he's also partially blind in the closest eye, but idk if that matters since it doesn't even look like honor gaurds can see because of their friggin helmet XD

AdeadatusI fear the worst has not yet risen to meet us...
ADEA, you know that guy I've been babbling about. was betrayed by a packmate and decided to head off and study rather then suicidally continue as being a "Runt" and outcast.
He's learned to put aside much of a jiralhanae's usual pride to become accomodating to all. This includes excessive grooming to extremely submissive behavior. Actually prefers to hang out with the lower castes.
BTW, Adea is not a female brute, but a preist brute [thus the very girly clothing]. And he's short cuz I'm short. The end.

Mira Beckett Well aren't you a cute li'l shit head
Mira became engaged in highschool but then ran off to join the army. All temper with a suicidal flare is what makes Mira up.
The personification of my impulses. Basically my outlet for "what if?"

"Mongrel" B039 Don't socialize. Say stupid things. Decided best not to talk.
Best described as the Spartan-III version of an abused dog. Doesn't like socializing or even being around other people. Just likes to kill things and stay in her own little world.
~MrExilo inspired Spartan-III personification of myself.

Bogucello That's gotta be the biggest bullshit I've ever heard.
BOGU~! Cept he's not as smart or nice as PS Bogu nor does he have ME Bogu's reasoning for not having alot of friends. Sry *machinemaiden! This Bogu is pretty much a moody teenager with srs skills with his knives. He's a vagabond who was born on the desert with his father's legacy.
He doesn't give a shit.
It's funny cuz Me Bogu came before this Bogu but this one has more BG story? XD

Crim Royal, Adeadatus, Mira, Mongrel, Bogucello, the weird ass bloody angel in Crim's bg (c) :iconrenoun-strife:
Halo, sangheili, honor gaurdsmen, jiralhanae, forerunner, covenant, odst, spartan-III, MJOLNIR powered armor suit (c) Bungie
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